The biggest HDPE hydrochloric acid tank recycling factory purchased the shredder facility of GEORDING


This time we have the opportunity to cooperate with the biggest HDPE hydrochloric acid tank recycling factory in Taiwan. It’s no secret that HDPE hydrochloric acid tank is very difficult to recycle because of its hardness and corrosion resistance, thus general shredder often fails to crush them perfectly.

We have enough confidence in our shredder and crusher. And they choose to trust in our profession in our product. Our engineers decided to customize the scale of the machine for them because of the space limit in their factory. Finally, we took advantage of the height space in there and built a two-floor-design shredder for them.

At first, shredder crushes the HDPE hydrochloric acid tank into small pieces, and crusher crushes the pieces again into smaller pieces. At last, we succeed in HDPE hydrochloric acid tank by our crushing technology.

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