Declaration of Environmental Policy

GEORDING MACHINERY makes effort to implement environmental protection and prevent environmental pollution. We comply with all environmental laws and regulations. We will constantly improve our factory production systems and management processes to reduce our impact on the environment.


We have established the following policies to ensure our philosophy of environmental protection

  • Use renewable energy and energy-saving technologies.
  • Reduce waste and pollutant emissions.
  • Raise the environmental awareness of each employee.

In order to ensure the above policy, our company shall carry out the following principles

  • Use energy-saving equipment and technology to reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduce the amount of landfill waste by recycling and reusing waste.
  • Adopt low-pollution production technology.

By obeying the above principles, we contribute to environmental protection as follows

  • Energy consumption was reduced through the use of energy-saving equipment and technology.
  • The amount of landfill waste has been reduced through recycling and reuse of waste.
  • Adopt low-pollution production technology.


Afforestation is one of the most important environmental activities, and various efforts are being made to improve air quality, preserve biodiversity, and prevent soil erosion. GEORDING MACHINERY support tree-planting activities as much as possible and fulfill our responsibility for environmental protection.

Our environmental protection activities have been recognized by the government and the community, and we have received many environmental awards. We will continue our efforts to protect the environment.

Environmental Certification

The CE Marking is one of safety certification label, which certifies that the safety of a product complies with European Union (EU) standards. Many of our machinery products have received the CE Marking, meaning that they conform to EU safety certifications.

Sustainable Products & Circular Economy

GEORDING MACHINERY Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese manufacturer of precision machinery, always providing high quality products and services for our customers. We also have made great progress in our commitment to sustainable products and circular economy. Now, we have obtained various certifications.

Designed for removable and maintainable products

Products are designed to be removable and maintainable, making the machines easy to maintenance and repair.

Provide recycling and remanufacturing services.

Through our recycling and remanufacturing services, GEORDING MACHINERY offer our customers the option to recycle and remanufacture their obsolete equipment.

Longer product life

GEORDING MACHINERY's product design and maintenance services contribute to the longevity of our products. We have always been committed to sustainable products and a circular economy. And our efforts have been recognized by the government and the community, winning many environmental awards. We will continue our efforts to protect the environment.

Public Welfare Activities

We will continue to support public interest activities and encourage greater impact. We aim to give back to society and make even greater contributions.

Philanthropic Support

For many years, the company has donated to the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families to help children living in poverty overseas and improve their quality of life.

Volunteer Activities

We encourage the volunteering activities of our employees and support various activities for the benefit of society.

Contribution to Public Welfare

Our company's contribution to public welfare includes as follows.


Help the poor and needy

We donate to schools in remote areas to help them provide better education for their students.


Improving the quality of education

We improve the quality of life of the poor and the disadvantaged through donations and in-kind support.


Promoting harmony in society

Our volunteering activities promote the harmony in society.

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