We possess abundant corporate resources and capabilities in professional and technological development. Our continual persistence on product quality is carried out thoroughly. All employees have undergone stringent professional training and are expected to be responsible for quality assurance. We also achieved the way of “manufactured in-house” to manufacture all the machines in our own factory, ensuring that all machine quality is guaranteed.


Joining plastic pelletizing industry, Persevere our entrepreneurial aspiration

Founder starts joining plastic pelletizing industry at the age of 18. As a chief of factory, also leading developing and design department in plastic pelletizing company in Taichung, over 1200 sets of machines come from his hands.


GERODING Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established

GERODING Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established, over 480 sets of machines have been installed. Had been earning reputation and satisfaction from customers all around the world for our machine and services



2006 Machine successfully earned recognition and sold to Austria

We had installed the machine with 175mm diameter screw and it provides over 1 ton capacity per hour.


With The biggest material brand, Japan approve

Earn recognition from the Largest Materials Supplier in Japan.

We had installed two sets of 3IN1 pelletizing machine in the largest material supplier factory.


Solve the drying problem

We develop rubbing drying machine in order to solve the drying problem, which is the biggest problem to customer.


Cooperate with  Japan Industry

Cooperate with Japan Industrial Manufacturing Companies.

We had sold 16 sets of monofilament making machine to Japan.


We also achieved the way of “manufactured in-house” to manufacture all the machines in our own factory, ensuring that all machine quality is guaranteed.


Become cooperate partner with The top 500 cooperation in Japan

The top 500 cooperation in Japan. Till now, we have been working on OEM project for pelletizing machine and slitting machine over than 50 sets.


With cooperation contract with Japan Industry cooperation

Japan  sole agent in rubbing drying machine.

An Exclusive Agency Agreement with Japanese company.

We have agreed to an exclusive agency agreement with Japanese company for screw rubbing drying machine.


Develope new type hydraulic screen changer


Geor-Ding changed Name GEORDING with new logo


The color green which gives the impression of eco-friendly environment conveys that we advocate resource recycling and reuse. In addition, while using the color gray of slate which symbolizes the earth, it shows that " “Taken from Nature, giving back to Nature” and “the Concept of Perpetual Sustainability” is our business philosophy and core values.


Relocated to Dajia Youth Industrial Park, Taichung

We relocated our factory to Dajia Youth Industrial Park in Taichung City. In order to offer customers a sufficient space for machine test.


Keep developing new product to improve costumer production facilities

We’re using diversification strategy for research and development of machinery and equipment. Through continuous research and development, we offer customers circular products with high production.


We’ve sold machinery and equipment with a high production capacity over many sets. Till now, all the machines are still running.


In cooperation with Japanese industrial companies, we designed and installed the recycling & pelletizing whole plant for household waste. This will create a sustainable and recycling-oriented society.


In order to promote recycling of resources and protect the natural environment, we will continue to develop new energy-saving and low-carbon machinery and equipment.

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