Washing Line

Horizontal Centrifugal Dryer

28-horizantalcentrifugaldryer-01 28-horizantalcentrifugaldryer-2

Suitable for washed plastic scraps

  • Good at water removal. The residual moisture after drying could be around 1-3%.
  • Maximum capacity could reach 1 ton/hr for plastic scraps drying.
  • With steady speed rotation, enables humid plastic scraps to be dry.
  • Can take the role of separating the remaining foreign matter such as dust during washing production line.


Crushing, Washing And Drying Whole Plant Facility For Plastic

Crushing & Washing Line for Plastic Film and Bottle
Standard 500kg/hr washing line (South Africa)
Wet Type Crusher (Dubayy)
PP Woven Bag Washing
Horizontal Dryer

Recycling Materials

DirtyScraps_geording DirtyScraps_icon_geording
Plastic Scrap for a Washing Line

*The product line can be made to spec meeting customer needs.
*Equipment specifications are also constanly updated. You are welcomed to contact us for details.


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