Powerful Crusher

plastic shredder machine plastic shredder machine

Easily maintenance with hydraulic opening body for cleaning residue and changingthe blades.

  • Includes stable energy current system that helps you save energy and with special design on the rotary cutting angle.
  • Bearings have been installed outside of the machine body that enables you to give easy maintenance.
  • The bearings will not be influenced by the temperature of the body, which will increase durability.
  • Hopper is able to take in big plastic products, thanks to the rotating diameter that has been considerably increased.
  • Application- Plastic bottles, plastic tanks, Drums, appliances covers, etc.
plastic shredder machine


Powerful Crusher

plastic waste recycling machine
GD-380-650, Lump crusher
Powerful Crusher


Model GD-CØ500/750 GD-CØ500/1000 GD-CØ500/1200 GD-CØ600/750 GD-CØ600/1000 GD-CØ600/1200
Rotary Diameter
Size Ø500mm Ø500mm Ø500mm Ø600mm Ø600mm Ø600mm
Into Size
Size 500mm*750mm 500mm*1000mm 500mm*1200mm 600mm*750mm 600mm*1000mm 600mm*1200mm
  50~60HP 60~75HP 75~100HP 60~75HP 75~100HP 100~125HP
Rotary Cutter
Quantity 12pcs 16pcs 16pcs 12pcs 16pcs 16pcs
Stationary Cutter
Quantity 6pcs 4pcs 4pcs 6pcs 4pcs 4pcs
kg/hr 600~800 700~1000 900~1200 800~1000 900~1200 1000~1300

*The product line can be made to spec meeting customer needs.
*Equipment specifications are also constanly updated. You are welcomed to contact us for details.

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