RDF5(Refuse Derived Fuel)

Refuse derived fuel, RDF-5 production plant


RDF-5 is to use the wastes, such as urban waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste etc., to go through the technical procedure including shredding, sorting, mixing, and drying to develop the technique of homogeneous fuel producing. It is the homogenzied, high heating value and easy to pack and to transport.

  • The end product can be the fuel of industrial boiler and heat-power cogeneration boiler.
  • End product is homogeneous fuel and has high heating value
  • Easy to pack and to transport
  • Can be made to spec meeting customer needs


Refuse derived fuel, RDF-5 production plant

RDF5 Production Line (Japan)
Single Shaft Shredder (wood)

Recycling Materials

materials27 materials27
materials07 materials27
Combustible Wastes

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