Shredder / Crusher

Single Shaft Shredder

21-1-003 21-1-004 plastic shredder machine plastic shredder machine

Single-shaft shredder system can be almost universally used to and are able to process a board range of different materials (woods, copper wire, plastic lump, tire paper, etc.)

  • Equipped with a ram system that pushes the material against the rotor with the replaceable cutting blade inserts.
  • Easily break large raw materials. Install easy-replaced screen defines the desired output size.
  • Easy operation
  • Particle in uniform size
  • Customized size is accepatable
plastic shredder machine


Single Shaft Shredder

plastic shredder machine
plastic shredder machine


Model Motor Output Into Size
GD-W600 10HP~15HP 600mm×600mm
GD-W800 20HP~40HP 830mm×880mm
GD-W1000 40HP~75HP 1030mm×1080mm
GD-W1200 50HP~100HP 1230mm×1280mm
GD-W1500 75HP~150HP 1530mm×1580mm
GD-W1800 175HP~350HP 1780mm×1580mm

*The product line can be made to spec meeting customer needs.
*Equipment specifications are also constanly updated. You are welcomed to contact us for details.

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