RDF5(Refuse Derived Fuel)

Twin Screw Squeezing Machine

plastic recycling machine plastic recycling machine

With a powerful special designed single screw, it is capable to squeeze wet material.

  • Output Capacity: 500 ~ 1000 kg/hr (different material different output capacity).
  • Can be put into pelletizer for granulating directly.
  • Increase the capacity 60% more.
  • 3% moisture left after drying (used Japan KETT moisture test machine).
plastic recycling machine


Screw Dia. Motor Capacity Water Content
Ø200×2pcs 100HP 400~500kg 3%~7%
Ø450×2pcs 250HP 1500~2000kg 3%~8%

*The product line can be made to spec meeting customer needs.
*Equipment specifications are also constanly updated. You are welcomed to contact us for details.

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