International Recycling Group in Mexico Uses 6 Sets of Whole Plant Equipment

This international recycling group sets its headquarter in the capital of Mexico. They own 1 processing industrial park, 14 great recycling centers and 20 medium recycling centers and the great recycling centers in Querétaro, Mexico, and in Laredo, Texas, the United States. Because customer acquires the source of the raw materials, the needs towards setting up the whole plant recycling equipment become urgent. In 2013, this customer saw GEORDING’s equipment in the greatest recycling industrial park in China and chose to contact GEORDING. Impressed by the remarkable design capacity after seeing GEORDING’s performance and having the company tour, this customer ordered 6 lines at one time immediately.

As a user, this customer is satisfied. With the experience of recycling industry, GEORDING suggests customer to build up their own brand.

Setting up the laboratory as to test the end product enables to examine material properties performance for plastic materials.

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