Customer in Japan Uses RDF-5 Whole Plant Equipment and Wood Shredding Equipment of GEORDING


In 2017, RDF-5 whole plant equipment and wood shredding equipment were installed in Japan. This customer is in cooperation with government to set up a model factory toward sustainable regeneration. There are several recycling factories in Northeast Japan (Tōhoku region) for collecting house wastes. Shredding the wastes into even particles by shredder, separating metal, nails by magnetic separator, vibrating selection ensure the semi-product is without foreign matters and sent all the way to RDF extruder for producing high heating value fuel sticks. Because of the high heating value is quite high, considering about the matter of ignition point, GEORDING designs sprinkler for this customer in terms of factory safety.

This fully automatic equipment saves abundant labor cost. Moreover, household refuse processing has been being the headache all around the world. Since this customer installed the sets of equipment, 100% of renewable energy can be used to create extremely high economic value.

rdf-5 whole plant equipment and wood shredding equipment
rdf-5 whole plant equipment-2
rdf-5 whole plant equipment-3
rdf-5 whole plant equipment-4
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