Customer in Jordan Installed Side Entrance Feeding Single Stage Die-face Cutting Equipment of GEORDING


This customer in Jordan recycles light plastic film. With Side Entrance Feeding System applied, side entrance barrel (2500L) can achieve steady output capacity by temperately storing the raw materials and by stabilizing the speed of underneath material-feeding.

GEORDING uses technology and experience of being in long term cooperation with Japanese industry, and improves die-face cutting system. Compared with general die-face cutting system, the adjustment of knives becomes easier; also it’s able to adjust the angle during operation. Moreover, the pressure is stable so that the problem about misalignment on material output will not happen and the end product, the pellets, is all in nice shape.

Centrifugal dryer is the pride of GEORDING when it comes to the product design. Moisture after drying can reach to 0.1%, with thermal evaporation, the end product from pelletization of die-face cutting system is almost fully dried. Centrifugal dryer includes in GEORDING standard equipment offer. We will not allow wet end product/ the pellet to appear.

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