One of the Hundred Global Paper Industries installed RDF-5 Whole Plant Production Line of GEORDING


One of the hundred global paper industries, also the greatest industrial paper and paper container company in Taiwan installed 6 lines of GEORDING RDF whole plant equipment.

GEORDING planned the fully automatic equipment and the process toward high efficiency, the end product of RDF line enhances the performance of energy production for customer. The amount of electricity saving reached up to millions of kWh and thousand tons of greenhouse gas, CO2, decreased. By shredding, sorting, drying and forming, etc., RDF-5 is produced. The main trait of RDF-5 is that it is even on size and heating value (about 2/3 of coal), is easy to transport and store and most importantly is convenient to use. Customer uses it as the main fuel of power generating boiler.

The RDF-5 production line made by GEORDING turns the disused raw material into high economic value RDF-5 stick and creates considerably high energy value.

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