The Largest Recycling Supplier in Taiwan Applied Pelletizing Whole Plant designed by GEORDING Machinery



Located at Changhua coastal industrial park, our customer keeps setting up recycling stations throughout northern, central and southern Taiwan till now with continuous expansion. Longing to break down the stereotype of the impression "disposal" and "dirty" when it comes to recycling station, in the beginning of designing the production line, GEORDING and the customer were working closely on the issue of being the model factory in waste recycling industry: automation, lower unit labor cost, neatness, cleanliness, and well-planned routes. GEORDING general manager provided complete and feasible whole plant system based on decades of experience to customer. From graphic design, engineering, to present construction, our customer was satisfied with GEORDING's project including the mixer for washed and crushed bottle scraps, force feeding two stages die face cutting line with pellet storage barrel.

plastic recycling production line was completed in 2010

 In 2010, the plastic recycling production line was completed, due to the plastic pellets all in superior quality, our customer has considerably cost benefit and price competitiveness in recycling industry. Since started GEORDING recycling and pelletizing system, the capacity has been greatly increasing and comes to brance out, create own brand and investment in China. 

pelletizing whole plant expand the equipment in 2014

In 2014 the demands in raw materials are more than supply; the customer chose to expand the equipment. Hence, GEORDING provided 3IN1 system in consideration of higher capacity and space-saving. In the meanwhile, high efficient screen changer has benefited our customer. GEORDING expects to be in company with customers to create sustainable environmental awareness. 

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