The Greatest Food Factory in Thailand Installed the Economical Recycling Equipment of GEORDING


This customer is one of the considerably large food manufacturers in Bangkok. Because the demand of packaging grows higher and higher, customer produces the woven bags for foods on their own. During production, domestic wastes accumulate more and more at the same time. Before this customer purchases GEORDING’s machines, they used to send the wastes to the local waste disposal treatment dealer. It is costly. After this customer discussed with GEORDING, they hope they can turn these wastes into the plastic pellets with high economic value. The Force Feeding Two Stages Spaghetti Cutting System Series of GEORDING is highly recommended. This series is much more economical. Especially for the customer who is not mainly aimed at the supplement of pellets, the goal of being economical and also being able to solve the problem of the wastage works much better. Through crushing, conveying of the input material and pelletizing machine, it is user-friendly, easy-to-assemble. After the machine is installed and starts, customer directly puts the domestic wastes into GEORDING’s pelletizing machine. Accumulations of wastage causing space-wasting does not existed any longer. This customer also earns an unexpected amount of income from another different perspective!

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