The U.S. Investment in Taiwan applied Calcium Carbonate Automatic Batch Weighing and Mixing Whole Plant of GEORDING

Calcium carbonate is widely used to different kinds of rubber, plastics, rubber/plastic foam polyester, cable wires, tires, advanced car paints, paints, coatings, ink, etc. as to enhancing physical property and durability of the product, and decreasing costs. Hence, this material is well-known in industry as always.

American investor cooperated with the customer in Taoyuan Youth Industrial Park in setting up factory in Taiwan. For achieving the goal of fully automatic equipment with high capacity and of supplying the product to the U.S.A., this customer suffered a setback in finding suppliers, until 2015, they found GEORDING Machinery.

After the setup of production line, high-quality equipment operates 24 hours nonstop, creating greater capacity and fully automation, which means lower labor cost, significantly satisfied our customer. In 2018, new equipment will be installed. For the follow-up service, GEORDING is in charge of the entire process.

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