Customer in Russia Installed 3IN1 Series and RD350 Series of GEORDING


GEORDING installed the 3IN1 series- Ø120mm 2 stages die-face cutting in Voronezh, Russia. This customer mainly recycles agricultural films. As agricultural film contains lots of sand, customer uses the washing line from Europe with RD350, the single screw rubbing and drying machine, of GEORDING. The moisture after squeezing remains merely 1~3% (tested by Japanese KETT moisture detector). Such nice squeezing efficiency impresses our customer. As a user, this customer strongly recommends equipment of GEORDING to the suppliers in Europe.

In regards to GEORDING 3IN1 series, high speed shredder not only shreds the raw material, but can also achieve the effect of preheating and agglomerating. For same size of screw, the output capacity of the 3IN1 series can reach up to doubled. In addition, with years-long experience in screw design, this equipment, sold to Russia, has reached output capacity of above 600kg by only using Ø120mm screw. This 3IN1 series is definitely the advanced design currently.

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